Handmade Italian terracotta


Who we are

We represent more than 20 carefully selected producers and exclusively import their unique, manually produced terracotta. We focus on quality, sustainability and an eye for detail. Design, color nuance, mixing intensity and clay type determine the unique signature of each of our producers. From Turin to Sicily, products of different types of clay, colours, shapes and finishes are available so we can meet your specific requirements.

What we do

We find it important to fully  meet our customers’ requirements. We intensively focus on project requirements and deadlines. Specific colour shades and deviating dimensions in preserving the authentic architectural structure of a historic building,  assessment of the load-bearing capability, custom made moulds, the application of specific impregnation techniqes and the right grout are some of the means that need to be applied for specific projects. 

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Terrecotte Europe - Handmade terracotta

Who we serve

Any and all architects, conservation architects, landscape architects, interior and exterior designers and private customers who would benefit from our experience in project consultation with regards to the terracotta product. Terracotta is a unique product, beautifully enhancing the design of any interior and exterior design, which not only requires specific conditions for application, but for installation as well. As such, it pleases us to act on behalf of our producers as a “terracotta toolbox” for architects and designers.

Terrecotte Europe The many colours of terracotta


Cotto Mosaics

Badkamer: Cotto colors display area

Oplevering project Entree Atlas, Amsterdam


Our terracotta products: warm and welcoming

Terracotta with its shadowy glow provides a warm and welcoming appearance. Applied in interior and exterior designs and placed in various patterns, terracotta greatly enhances the visual experience by creating a  more spacious effect in any project. 


Each design unique to its producer, we offer a wide variety of hand made and hand painted terracotta tiles. All formats required for any project are available. Our handmade wall tiles are also suitable for mosaics or floor tiling for wet rooms.

Terrecotte Europe Italian wall tiling (Tiles)

Hand and machine made terracotta floor tiling applicable for in and outdoor projects, new constructions and for renovation and restoration, available in various formats, colors and finishes, providing the desired roughness or smoothness of the floor.  

Terrecotte Europe Italian terracotta floor tiling (Tiles)

Edge and terrace tiling in handmade terracotta, available in the typical terracotta colors yellow and red (variants) with a rough finish.

Also available in white Marble Mix Molite.

Creating an air space between the insulator and the cladding activates effective natural ventilation that has remarkable benefits for the entire facade system.

Terrecotte Europe Italian thermal terracotta wall cladding (Projects)

With a long standing tradition in producing building materials our producers’ techniques have enabled immaculate renovation of old historic buildings.

Terracotta building materials

Pottery from Mantua, Tuscany and the Impruneta region  demonstrate the use of specific production criteria, resulting in high quality and frost resistancy.

Terrecotte Europe handmade Italian terracotta pottery (Tuscany)

Vintage decorations, marble, marble mix, cement tiles with a glamourous aura & shiny wall mosaics. Let us know what you are looking for!

Vintage & other materials

Limited offers, special sized batches, remnant batches

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Terrecotte Europe Wall tiling (Projects)

When it comes to terracotta, we are on top

Top quality

Our Italian producers have perfected the traditional ways of producing terracotta that date back to early medieval times.

Top sampling

We are dedicated to contributing in the architectural and designing process by presentation of our designs, applications and samples.

Top service

Certification and information on installation and maintenance of our products are part of our delivery criteria.