Italian terracotta

Terrecotte Europe represent some 20 selected producers of handmade Italian terracotta. 

Our terracotta is authentic. It is made of durable, natural material. It is frost resistant and provides your project with a radiant look.

Terrecotte Europe - Handmade Italian terracotta
Terrecotte Europe - Handmade terracotta floor tiling-Variegato
Terrecotte Europe - outdoor terracotta floor tiling mosaic

Unique handmade Italian terracotta

Terracotta can serve as a tool to embellish your designs! As a matter of fact, we can supply any desired size, shape, design and finish.

The producers of handmade Italian terracotta pay a lot of attention to detail. Hence, the product’s lively appearance shows their dedication. With this in mind, our terracotta products will enlighten your projects!

Renovation and restoration to former glory

Handmade Italian terracotta is suitable for new constructions. However, it makes a real difference when applying it to historic buildings. Moreover, landmark buildings are truly restored to their former glory!

As an illustration, the Leipzig Castle features our handmade terracotta. The key to this project was to bring back historical elements. Indeed, we succeeded in applying the right tile for the job!

Handmade frostresistant Italian terracotta pottery-Semicherchio
Sustainable, frostresistant pottery

A variety of handmade and hand decorated terracotta pottery is available. Notably, all our pottery is from the Tuscany and Impruneta regions.

Also, we produce classic decoration accessories. Think of basins, amphorae, statues and columns. Terracotta adds a natural element to the garden or terrace. As well as a southern atmoshphere.

The greatest attention to detail goes into the production of our pottery.

After moulding the clay, we cook the pots in an oven. The appropriate temperature is 1040 degrees. This guarantees the frost resistance of the pots. Also, it prevents cracks, even after hars winters and fierce storms. 

Molite® Marble Mix

The result from the constant search for innovation in modern architecture!

Our producer has been reworking the ancient earthenware techniques. Hence, they arrived at this beautiful product.

It consists of carefully selected marble chips. Also, the manual skills of our craftsmen enhances the product. As a result, the product is a beautiful combination of technical and aesthetic characteristics.

With Molite, you can create any object and shape. The material contains Italian marble. As a result, the surface is smooth and shiny. For that reason, the appearance of the object creates a luxureous ambiance.

A selection of our projects

Handmade Italian terracotta is authentic. It is made of durable, natural material. And it is frost resistant. Any desired size, shape, design and finish according to your specifications can be supplied.

When it comes to terracotta, we are on top

Top quality

Our Italian producers have perfected the traditional ways of producing terracotta that date back to early medieval times.

Top sampling

We are dedicated to contributing in the architectural and designing process by presentation of our designs, applications and samples.

Top service

Certification and information on installation and maintenance of our products are part of our delivery criteria.