Hand crafted
Italian terracotta

The basis of our hand crafted terracotta product is wood-fired clay from our kilns’s own quarries. The clay is formed by hand or manually pressed into molds and decorated using traditional techniques that have been perfected over the centuries.

Terracotta Tiling - Terrecotte Europe

Terracotta Tiling

Consisting of various colours, when mixing the clay, several visual results can be obtained. Various finishes result in gradations between rough and smooth surface.

Renovation & Restoration

All construction starts with quality in all its aspects. Our hand made product is not only suitable for new constructions, but for renovation and restoration as well. Various in- and outdoor terracotta tiling and building materials are used in several projects involving the renovation of heritage buildings, such as the Leipzig castle in the photo.

Terracotta pottery

Jars, vases, basins, amphorae, statues, columns and classic furnishing accessories derived from the history of the Italian garden, entirely hand made, hand decorated and reworked with chisel by hand.

Our producers in the Tuscany and Impruneta region are proud to offer a variety of hand made terracotta pottery.

A selection of our projects

When it comes to terracotta, we are on top

Top quality

Our Italian producers have perfected the traditional ways of producing terracotta that date back to early medieval times.

Top sampling

We are dedicated to contributing in the architectural and designing process by presentation of our designs, applications and samples.

Top service

Certification and information on installation and maintenance of our products are part of our delivery criteria.