Handmade Italian terracotta

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We are exclusive importer of Italian terracotta of over  20 meticulously selected Italian producers.  Focussing on quality, sustainability and attention to detail products of different types of clay, colour, shape and finish, originating from Turin to Sicily, are available to meet your requirements. Design, color nuance, mixing intensity and clay type determine each of our producers’ unique signature.

Hand made terracotta: warm and welcoming

Terracotta with its shadowy glow provides a warm and welcoming appearance. It can be applied in interior as well as exterior designs.

The production of handmade terracotta is labour intensive. Our producers use sand from their own quarries and mix it with water into clay. Subsequently, they form the clay using wooden or stone moulds. After the decoration is applied by hand (as is the case with our pottery) the products are then cooked in the oven. A good number of our producers still use a traditional wood fired oven.

Tiles can be placed in various patterns to enhance the visual effect to create a  more spacious look. As a result of the typical nuances of wood-baking and uneven surface of the tile, floors of terracotta have a natural appearance and are pleasant to touch.


Focussing on your requirements

We find it important to meet project deadlines. Therefore, we intensively focus on our customers’ requirements. In designing prestigious projects, these can often be very specific. Think along the lines of specific colour shades and deviating dimensions in preserving the authentic architectural structure of a historic building.

Assessment of the load-bearing capability, custom made moulds, the application of specific impregnation techniqes and the right grout are some of the means that can be applied for specific projects. Continuously our producers test the quality, (non) water absorption and frost resistancy of their products.

The design dictates the use of hand or machine made terracotta. Several colours, finishes and dimensions are available in both.

Key steps in our project handling:

  • Exploratory visits to identify and assess terracotta floors and building materials in terms of originality, quality, production method(s) and standardization requirements;
  • continuous production process monitoring, i.e. colour and colour stability, finish, slip resistancy, frost resistancy and  impregnation;
  • maintaining the traditional ways of producing terracotta and achieving the desired result at the same time;
  • simplifying the course of the project by maintaining efficient and effective communication with our client.

When it comes to terracotta, we are on top

Top quality

Our Italian producers have perfected the traditional ways of producing terracotta that date back to early medieval times.

Top sampling

We are dedicated to contributing in the architectural and designing process by presentation of our designs, applications and samples.

Top service

Certification and information on installation and maintenance of our products are part of our delivery criteria.