Penthouse, Amsterdam/The Netherlands (Westlandgracht)

The inhabitants aimed for as many natural materials as possible. So, out of several options, they choose our frostresistant terracotta.

Project details

The roof terraces measures a total area of 65m², including two other terraces located next to the kitchen and the bedroom.

A keypoint was to correctly install the tiles. Hence, several options were evaluated. Ultimately, the customer choose to use Fiberplast’s tile supports. Firstly, Pro-Groen installed them on the bare terraces. After that, the tiles were put in place. The tiles measure 400 x 400 x 27 mm.

As the tiles were used for exterior application, we applied a non-slip finish.

Ultimately, handmade Italian terracotta tiling was installed in an area of 40m². Sedum plants were used for the remaining 25m².

A hoisting challenge

Here, one of the challenges was to hoist the tiles and supports. Hence, the crane had to lift the load up to the 5th story of the building. In spite of fierce winds… Martin Wiering Kraanverhuur Westzaan did a fantastic job!

In light of this complex project, all parties involved collaborated perfectly.

Partners in the project were Architect Urban Echoes, Amsterdam, Hoveniersbedrijf Pro-Groen, Wormerveer and Fiberplast.

Tile finishing

Five different finishes are available. The finish relates to the texture of the tile surface. 

Obviously, the aesthetic aspect is important. On the other hand, the finish also has a practical side. For instance, in public areas exterior floors are required to be slip resistant. Often, interior floors need to be slip resistant to some degree as well.

In order to determine the surface texture, we offer five different finishes. They range from very rough to very smooth.

Applying the finish can take place before or after cooking. However, it can also be conducted after installation.


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