Renovation and restoration

Prestigious restoration projects often feature recreated building materials. As a matter of fact, in such projects our clients have very specific requirements. 

For example, the restoration of the former chapel of the Hageveld Minor Seminary in The Netherlands. The directive was to preserve the authentic architectural structure that was designed in the 1800s by Architect Jan Stuyt (1868-1934). The client chose original Impruneta terracotta tiles for the chapel floors and steps. We made sure that the colours matched the original historic structure. Also, floor tile dimensions were very specific. Hence, our  producers manufactured bespoke custom molds for this project.

Another fine example of using terracotta to bring back the former glory of a historic building is the restoration and renovation of the Leipzig castle. The key to this project was to bring back the hidden historic elements of the building. 

Key steps in handling your project

  • Exploratory visits to identify and assess terracotta floors and building materials in terms of originality, quality, production method(s) and standardization requirements;
  • continuous production process monitoring, i.e. colour and colour stability, finish, slip resistancy, frost resistancy and  impregnation;
  • maintaining the traditional ways of producing terracotta and achieving the desired result at the same time;
  • simplifying the course of the project by maintaining efficient and effective communication with our client.

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