Residence Spencer Park, London/UK

Residence Spencer Park in Greater London features handmade Italian terracotta. The designers are P. Joseph Architects and Urquhart & Hunt Interior Architects.

Here, a prominent characteristic is traditional terracotta. Consequently, we achieved a flowing interplay between exterior and interior.

The design phase started in 2018 and took two years. In 2020, renovation started. The drawings show the layout of the different floors.

Project details

For the purpose of showing appropriate options we supplied five samples. Also, we produced a custom made tile panel. As a result, the client was able to preview the floor.

However, floor dimensions were very specific. For this reason, we manufactured two separate molds.

Ultimately, the client choose a hexagonal tile. We manufactured the honey-colored tile in the required dimensions. The dimensions measured a thickness of 25 mm and a surface of ​​85 mm. After cooking, we ground the tile with the Finish Regale. 

The customer choose full handmade terracotta for the stair risers and steps.  Various sizes were applicable. Also, we applied the same finish here.

Installation started early February 2021. The project will be completed in the summer of 2021.

At first, it seemed that the project was relatively simple.  However, the calculations proved to be complex. For the most part, installing of the stair risers needed attention.

Firstly, different tile sizes were needed. This was due to the curves in the stair. Secondly, we needed to apply the right surface for the tiles.

In conclusion, effective communications between all parties resulted in a wonderful interior!

Again, our terracotta contributed to the natural and timeless appearance of this residence.


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