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Terrecotte Europe - De productie van ons handgemaakte terracotta product

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Terrecotte Europe represent some 20 producers from Italy. We carefully selected each one of them. As a result, we can supply numerous terracotta products. Of course, they are of high quality.

We supply wall and floor tiling and building materials. Also, we have a wide variety of pottery available. With this in mind, your project will surely succeed.

In short: our unique product can be a tool to embellish your designs! Any desired size, shape, design and finish is available.

Contact us on historic building materials

The attention to detail characterizes our product. Hence, our terracotta is suitable for new constructions. Also, it enhances renovation and restoration projects. 

Furthermore, we recreate historic materials. Consequently, restoration projects benefit from this expertise. Here, specific building materials are required. Therefore, we apply specific production methods.

For example, we used recreated historic floors in the renovation of the Leipzig Castle.

A natural material

Terracotta is an authentic material. It is durable and natural. All our terracotta is frost resistant. It has an original appearance. As a result, this provides your project with a radiant look.

Our producers continuously strive to improve their product. Production processes are monitored on a regular basis. Also, color, finish and impregnation are important.

Finally, slip-resistance and color stability are highlighted topics.

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In short, we are happy to provide you with free and up-to-date advice tailored to your project.

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