A floor of natural terracotta

Terrecotte Europe Project De Knotwilg

Who does not love the lively and warm appearance of such a floor? What is involved in choosing such a beautiful, maintenance-friendly and durable floor?

Terracotta tiles, made both manually and by machine from the clayey silt of rivers, are available in a wide variety of colors and formats.

The ‘flame effect’ that arises as a result of the way the tiles are fired in a wood-fired oven, brings its own, individual color gradient to each tile which gives the floor a lively effect.

A terracotta floor as a basis for an interior, terrace or garden has many design options because of the neutral color scheme. Beautiful combinations can be made with contrasting, bright colors or patterns and artistic objects stand out much better as a result of the spatial effect of the floor.

High-quality, durable and maintenance-friendly floors are available for every project. In addition to the unparalleled and superior quality terracotta from Impruneta, there are also high-quality terracotta floors from other parts of Italy and France. 

Industrial and private projects

Many of those floors are used for various large projects in which easy maintenance and sustainability play an important role.

E.g. schools (as in our project Public Primary School “De Knotwilg, a company restaurant in Soest, a wine cellar, restaurant and terrace in Amsterdam), high-end retail offices (our Mayfair project in London) and for the restoration of historic buildings (our Leipzig Castle project), but also for the private market the application of luxurious terracotta is available (a capital villa in Spencer Park London, a private villa in Brabant, a bathroom and sauna in Limburg).

Some more inspirational ideas for the application of terracotta can be found here.

Professional cleaning & maintenance

Knowledge and expertise in the installation and maintenance of terracotta floors is genuinly important in sustaining your floor. Installing terracotta tiles is fundamentally different from laying floors made of other materials such as cement and plastic tiles or wood. Terracotta is a living and breathing material; ‘laying and installing requires specific knowledge, expertise and skills’, according to our tilers and professional cleaners.

Terrecotte Europe - Professional cleaning of terracotta floors