Chapel, Heemstede/The Netherlands (“Hageveld Minor Seminary”)

We provided 200 sqm of hand made terracotta for the renovation of a 95-year-old chapel. 

Hageveld Primary Seminary consists of a “back house” and a representative “front house”. Since 1980, the complex has been given a different purpose; the Atheneum College Hageveld, a secondary school, is now housed in the “back building”. As of the same date, apartments are housed in the “front house”.

The small chapel of the complex, which used to be the prayer room of the minor seminary, was given a residential destination in 2020.

This chapel, built in 1925, is now being converted into a private residence. The authentic architectural structure designed by Architect Jan Stuyt (1868 – 1934) has been preserved.

The total floor area of ​​the chapel and the stairs to different levels were covered with original Italian terracotta tiles from the Impruneta area. Also, the wet rooms and kitchen were provided with the same terracotta tiles.

For the production of the tiles, custom molds were used especially for this project. 

The interior design is from INAMATT.


We quote Jan Stuyt and Ontwerpgroep MYJ (KBnG)

“With the official division of the former minor seminary Hageveld in Heemstede into a front and rear section in 2001, a period of living and learning under a shared roof came to a definitive end. The rear section, consisting of two parallel building strips with a central chapel, a schoolyard, sports fields and part of the park, remains in the possession of the now secular Atheneum College Hageveld. For the conversion
of the front section, where the regents, priests, nuns, sisters and other in-house staff lived for three quarters of a century, developer Hopman Interheem wrote out a competition that was won by Design group MYJ (now architecture firm KBnG) in collaboration with Braaksma & Roos.”

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