Retailstore, Mayfair London/UK (Matches Fashion)

P. Joseph Architects designed the retailstore in Mayfair London. Urquhart & Hunt Landscape Architects created the garden.

The client of this project is  Matches Fashion. They are an internationally renowned retailer. Matches Fashion planned to open their latest fashion outlet in London. As an illustration of the project setting, Mayfair is an exclusive shopping area. It is located in the heart of the city.

The client selected four different Variegato indoor tiles. In addition, they picked several colour combinations.

After cooking, we impregnated the tiles. The process is outlined below.

Natural treatment of the tile

Handmade terracotta is a live material. More importantly, it is very  porous. For that reason, it easily absorbs a lot of moisture. As a matter of fact, terracotta can absorb as much as 18% of its own weight. 

Usually waterproof treatment of the tiles takes place after grouting. After the waterproof treatment, we impregnate the tiles. This is to protect the floor from wear and dirt. Moreover, it maintains the natural beauty of the tile. Also, cleaning is much easier. We use water based products for impregnating. Such products are chemically less invasive to the tile. Hence, it does not distort the tiles’ features.

Terrecotte Europe - Toolbox voor Architecten & Designers
Terrecotte Europe - Toolbox voor Architecten & Designers
Terrecotte Europe - Toolbox voor Architecten & Designers
Terrecotte Europe - Toolbox voor Architecten & Designers

A Victorian style garden

Urquhart & Hunter Landscape Design based their design around a Victorian plant collectors glasshouse. The garden features evergreen planting and natural terracotta.

The production of the tiles  had to meet specific demands. For instance, colors, dimensions, non-slip finish and frost resistancy.

Therefore, we closely monitored the production process in Italy.

Thus, we enabled our client to immediately react to the separate production phases.

Equally important, it enabled ús to meet the client’s  deadlines. As a result, the project was completed on schedule.

We have respected our client’s request not to publish images of the completed project. 

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