Terracotta floor tiling

Hand and machine made applicable for in and outdoor projects, new constructions and for renovation and restoration

Handmade terracotta floor tiling is available in various formats and colors. The basis for colored tiles is not just one type of clay. Instead, various different natural clays and minerals are applied to the dough.

After manual molding, the modelled clay is baked on a chestnut woodfire. The color emerges as a result of the use of silt as a clay. Furthermore, the oven temperature determines the color intensity. Finally, the treatment of the tile helps to obtain the right color by means of strenghtening or dampening

Formats, colours and finishes are available according to your specifications. Various finishes provide the desired roughness or smoothness of the floor.  

The tiles have a high resistance to wear, to changes of temperature and provide considerable thermal comfort. Sandblasted and baked at 1000C for 30 hours, the tiles are guaranteed slip resistant, frost and stain resistant and water repellent.

Also, we offer cleaning and maintenance services for terracotta flooring. Our service department use professional equipment and cleaning products to bring the floor back to its original condition.