Handmade, frost resistant terracotta pottery

Italian clay from Mantua, Tuscany and Impruneta is the raw material for our high-quality and frost-resistant handmade terracotta pots. Production takes place according to specific criteria, rooted in a long historical tradition; after all, Italy has traditionally been a terracotta producing country especially when it comes to pottery (originally produced for growing olive trees for the olive oil industry), roof tiles, building materials and wal land floor tiling.

For the production of terracotta pots, the clay is shaped manually using moulds. Decoration and finishing are also done by hand, after which the pots are baked twice at 1200 degrees after a drying process of 48 hours, so that frost resistance is guaranteed. The pots are then stacked on pallets and driven into the oven. After firing, inspection and final finishing by hand takes place.

The range includes pots of various designs and sizes, with or without hand-applied Italian decorations. Large pots, intended for planting trees and shrubs, are also available. You can also find our range at our dealers in The Netherlands:

Claassen Buitenbeleving, Zeegsepad 4 in Angeren, Gelderland (tel 06-51960989) and

Kwekerij G. Meijer, Westerweg 53a, Heiloo, North Holland (tel 072- 5128936).


Pottery colours available: terracotta – black – white

Terracitta pottery colours
Terrecotte Europe - handmade Italian terracotta pottery (Mantua)
Terrecotte Europe - handmade Italian terracotta pottery (Mantua)