A floor of natural terracotta

Terrecotte Europe Italian terracotta floor tiling (Projects)

A floor of natural terracotta Who does not love the lively and warm appearance of such a floor? What is involved in choosing such a beautiful, maintenance-friendly and durable floor? Terracotta tiles, made both manually and by machine from the clayey silt of rivers, are available in a wide variety of colors and formats. The […]

Renovation and restoration


Prestigious restoration projects often feature recreated building materials. As a matter of fact, in such projects our clients have very specific requirements.  For example, the restoration of the former chapel of the Hageveld Minor Seminary in The Netherlands. The directive was to preserve the authentic architectural structure that was designed in the 1800s by Architect […]

Chapel, Heemstede/The Netherlands (“Hageveld Minor Seminary”)

We provided 200 sqm of hand made terracotta for the renovation of a 95-year-old chapel.  Hageveld Primary Seminary consists of a “back house” and a representative “front house”. Since 1980, the complex has been given a different purpose; the Atheneum College Hageveld, a secondary school, is now housed in the “back building”. As of the […]