Terracotta: natural application as a solution for the current climate problems

Terrecotte Europe Italian thermal terracotta wall cladding (Projects)

Terracotta is baked earth or clay and therefore a natural material that is produced in an environmentally friendly way without the addition of artificial or harmful substances. Our producers use clay and sand from their own quarries, which contain minerals such as salt crystals, which determine the structure of the tile after firing. The extraction […]

The production of terracotta


Handmade terracotta The production of handmade terracotta is labour-intensive. Our producers use clay and sand from their own quarries, which contains minerals such as salt crystals that determine the tile’s structure after baking, and mix it with water. They the clay is shaped using (walnut) wooden moulds when making tiles or stone moulds when producing […]

A floor of natural terracotta

Terrecotte Europe Italian terracotta floor tiling (Projects)

A floor of natural terracotta Who does not love the lively and warm appearance of such a floor? What is involved in choosing such a beautiful, maintenance-friendly and durable floor? Terracotta tiles, made both manually and by machine from the clayey silt of rivers, are available in a wide variety of colors and formats. The […]

Sustainable design and construction with natural terracotta through the ages

Terrecotte Europe - Handmade terracotta

Terracotta: a traditionally widely used material Due to the easily moldable texture of clay (as opposed to marble or bronze) terracotta has traditionally been a widely used material that has been applied in many different ways over the centuries. Nowadays, the baked clay is mainly used in clayware such as cooking utensils, flower pots, floor […]

Ventilated facades in terracotta

Terrecotte Europe Italian thermal terracotta wall cladding (Projects)

Ventilated facades in terracotta: undisputed advantages in wall cladding Within the contemporary construction sector, the non-load-bearing curtain wall can be considered as an innovative technological construction system. Such a system consists of an insulating layer that is applied directly to the supporting structure of the facade and of a cladding layer that is fixed to […]

Renovation and restoration


Prestigious restoration projects often feature recreated building materials. As a matter of fact, in such projects our clients have very specific requirements.  For example, the restoration of the former chapel of the Hageveld Minor Seminary in The Netherlands. The directive was to preserve the authentic architectural structure that was designed in the 1800s by Architect […]

Public School “De Knotwilg”, Amsterdam

After the final choice for the terracotta tile was determined by De Knotwilg Public Primary School in Amsterdam in 2020, preparations for installation of the tiles was finally started in April of this year. Commissioned by the Zonova Foundation and Municipal Real Estate Amsterdam, Architect Urban Echoes designed an all-sided building with an atrium and […]

Retailstore, Mayfair London/UK (Matches Fashion)

Terrecotte Europe Project Retailstore Mayfair, UK

P. Joseph Architects designed the retailstore in Mayfair London. Urquhart & Hunt Landscape Architects created the garden. The client of this project is  Matches Fashion. They are an internationally renowned retailer. Matches Fashion planned to open their latest fashion outlet in London. As an illustration of the project setting, Mayfair is an exclusive shopping area. […]

Leipzig Castle/Germany

Terrecotte Europe Project Leipzig Castle

Handmade Italian terracotta was applied. A German project team is in the process of restoring this castle. As a matter of fact, they are bringing the castle back to its original state. Historical documents, drawings and research accompany the restoration. The key to the renovation was to bring back hidden historical elements. As a result, […]