Private pool, Italy

Project: Private pool Italy with handmade Italian terracotta

Project: Private pool in Italy – Renovation with handmade Italian terracotta

The inhabitant of this villa wanted terracotta borders for their pool.

They selected the natural Rosato terracotta tile.

Typical are the shade variations. This natural look makes the pool area stand out. The joint was kept quite flat in color. We used a rough finish for the tile to make it slip resistant. 

Project details

Handmade terracotta is a live material. More importantly, it is very porous. For that reason, it easily absorbs a lot of moisture. As a matter of fact, terracotta can absorb as much as 18% of its own weight.

Usually, waterproof treatment of the tile takes place after grouting. 

After the waterproof treatment, we impregnate the tiles. This is to protect the floor from wear and dirt. Moreover, it maintains the natural beauty of the tile. Also, cleaning is much easier.

We use water based products for impregnating. Such products are chemically less invasive to the tile. Hence, it does not distort the tiles’ features.

Striking shade variations

Striking shade variations are a natural phenomena in terracotta. They are the result of cooking the product. 

The lower parts of the oven contain less oxygen than the upper parts. Here, the fire hits the product more fiercely. As a result, we achieve a lasting and beautifying effect. Indeed, every terracotta tile has a unique appearance!

Tile finishing

Five different finishes are available. The finish is the texture of the tile surface. Definity, the finish has an aesthetic asapect to it.

On the other hand, it also has a practical side. For instance, in public areas exterior floors are required to  be slip resistant.

Often, interior floors need to be slip resistant to some degree as well.

The finishes range from very rough to very smooth. Usually, it is applied after cooking. However, large surfaces are usually finished after installation of the floor.

Handmade Italian terracotta is authentic. Definitly it is sustainable; it is made of a natural material. It is frost resistant and gives your project a radiant look.

Handmade terracotta is suitable for new construction and for renovation. As well as for restoration of historic buildings.

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Striking shade variations in terracotta
Striking shade variations in terracotta
Striking shade variations in terracotta
Striking shade variations in terracotta

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