Terracotta pottery

Hand made terracotta pottery from Tuscany

All our hand made terracotta pottery is guaranteed frost resistant according to the following warrenty testing method:

After a frost resistant terracotta pot was filled with soil and plants, it was watered until the water ran out of the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. The pot was then placed in an environmental temperature of -23 degrees Celcius for 14 days. Immediately thereafter the pot was placed in an environmental temperature of +23 degrees Celcius, defrosting the frozen pot, leaving it completely intact without any rips or bursts.

Hand made terracotta pottery from Impruneta

Strictly following the colombino technique and, for some items, using the original molds of his historic plaster cast collection, our producer from the Impruneta region has restored the ancient craftsmanship of Impruneta terracotta.

It is a collection of works of great value that transform artisanal production into pieces of art in limited editions. The shapes are enhanced by the exceptional characteristics of the raw material, derived from the exclusive “galestro” vein whose resistance makes the work of the modeler a work of absolute commitment and talent.

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Our hand made Tuscan terracotta pottery