Renovation and restoration

Terrecotte Europe - Handmade terracotta tiling

Renovation and restoration to former glory with handmade Italian terracotta products How we meet our customers’ requirements Restoring to former glory with handmade Italian terracotta Our handmade product is very suitable for new constructions. However, terracotta makes a real difference when renovating historic buildings. One can say that historic buildings are truly restored to their […]

Chapel, Heemstede/The Netherlands (“Hageveld Minor Seminary”)

Chapel Heemstede in old situation Terrecotte Europe (2)

Project: Chapel with handmade Italian terracotta Terrecotte Europe have renovated a 95-year-old chapel with handmade Italian terracotta tiles. Hageveld Primary Seminary consists of a “back house” and a representative “front house”. Since 1980, the complex has been given a different purpose; the Atheneum College Hageveld, a secondary school, is now housed in the “back building”. […]