Spencer Park, London

In one of the residential areas of London, this existing house is being renovated to the design of P. Joseph Architects and Interior architects.

The interplay between ex- & interior is recognizable in the application of traditional and high-quality products, construction and furnishing. The preparation and design phase started in 2018 and had a lead time of 2 years. The physical renovation of the house started in 2020. The drawings, as shown, give an impression of the layout of different levels.

In 2019 we were approached by the Interieur architect P-Joseph to supply various samples. In total there are 5 different samples including a tiled panel supplied by us (custom made) to give the customer an impression of what her floor would look like. Ultimately, the choice of the designer / customer went to a honey-colored hexagonal terracotta tile with a thickness of 25mm and a surface area of ​​85mm.

Full terracotta in various sizes was also chosen for the stairrisers, as shown in the drawings. The tiles and the stairrisers are ground after firing (Finish – Regale). Both the molds for the stairrisers and the molds for the hexagonal tiles are specially made according to the customer’s wishes.

The laying of the floor tiles and steps will start at the beginning of February 2021. The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

As soon as the photos of the project are available, we will show them on our website.

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