“Hageveld Minor Seminary” Heemstede/Netherlands

Hageveld Primary Seminary consists of a “back house” and a representative “front house”. Since 1980, the complex has been given a different destination; the Atheneum College Hageveld, a high school, is now housed in the “back house”. Apartments have been housed in the “front house” as of the same date. The small Chapel of the complex, that used to be the prayer room of the minor seminary, was given a residential destination in 2020. This Chapel, which was built in 1925, is now being converted into a private home while retaining the authentic architectural structure that was designed by architect Jan Stuyt (1868 – 1934). The total floor space of the Chapel, as well as the steps to different levels, are covered with custom made original Italian terracotta tiles from the Impruneta area, as is shown in the picture. More on this project (photo & film) to follow.

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