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Terrecotte Europe - Handmade terracotta wall tiling

Our products: the finest handmade Italian terracotta

Terrecotte Europe represent some 20 selected producers of handmade Italian terracotta products. As a result, we have a broad range of handmade products available. Our range of wall and floor tiling and building materials is diverse. Also, we have various handmade pottery from the Tuscany and Impruneta regions.

In most cases, our projects in Italian terracotta are very specific with regards to dimensions and/or color. Of course, the Architect’s design is the basis for our projects in Italian terracotta.

As we consider ourselves part of the ‘designer’s toolbox’, each project is given our fullest attention.

Hence, in the elaboration of the design, our attention to detail often contributes to further sophisticate the original design. Indeed, quite similar to the way our Italian manufacturers contribute their attention to detail to their fine product!

Our handmade and machine made products are authentic and made of durable, natural material. It is frost resistant, radiant and provides your project with a timeless look.

We are dedictated to contribute in the architectural design by presenting free information, samples and service.

Terrecotte Europe - Project Leipzig Castle

Renovation of historic buildings

Although our product is also very suitable for new constructions, using terracotta makes a real difference when renovating historic buildings. One can say that landmark buildings are truly restored to their former glory when using handmade terracotta. For example, renovation and restoration of the Leipzig Castle is taking place using our handmade product. The key to this project was to bring back and to renovate hidden historical elements. 

Recreation of old building materials such as the historic floors in the image, is the specialty of our producers.

In the case of the renovation of the 16th century castle Terrecotte Europe aided the team of historians, restoration architects and archeologists to succeed in applying the right tile for the job!

A wide range of handmade Italian terracotta products, made for perfection in building with terracotta

Terrecotte Europe deliver a wide range of handmade Italian terracotta products. 

Our handmade terracotta wall tiling provides a charming background for kitchens, bathrooms and other wet rooms.

Our floor tiling is applicable for in- and outside purposes and comes in hand as well as in machine made versions with different antislip surfaces according to the necessary requierements.

Also, we are able to provide a special marble mix building material which is applicable in various furnitures, floorings and stair cases.

A wide variety of samples of our products is available and may accompany your request. Please visit our Samples Library page.

Last but not least, our assortiment would be incomplete without some beautiful handmade terracotta pottery!


Our floors in close up

Handmade terracotta floor tiling is also available in various colors. Here, the same production cycle used for natural terracotta, is applicable. However, the basis for colored tiles is not just one type of clay. Instead, various different natural clays and minerals are applied to the dough.



After the manual molding, the modelled clay is baked on a chestnut woodfire. Similar to the production of natural terracotta. However, the color emerges as a result of the use of silt as a clay. Furthermore, the oven temperature determines the color intensity. Finally, the treatment of the tile helps to obtain the right color by means of strenghtening or dampening. As a result, handmade terracotta floor tiling is also available in various colors.

Terrecotte Europe - handmade colored terracotta tiling

Building materials

Molite® Marble Mix

Our handmade terracotta pottery

Terrecotte Europe’s suppliers of handmade terracotta pottery have been carefully selected from the vast range of producers and suppliers of terracotta pottery.  The pottery that we import from Tuscany and the Impruneta region in Italy demonstrate specific production criteria in their products to ensure the highest quality and frost resistancy.