Renovation and restoration

Renovation and restoration to former glory with handmade Italian terracotta products

How we meet our customers' requirements

Restoring to former glory with handmade Italian terracotta

Our handmade product is very suitable for new constructions. However, terracotta makes a real difference when renovating historic buildings. One can say that historic buildings are truly restored to their former glory. For example, the renovation and restoration of the Leipzig Castle (see photo). The key to this project was to bring back hidden historical elements.

A team of historians, restoration architects and archeologists have been working on this project. Indeed, they succeeded in choosing the right tile for the job! The tiles are being applied at the moment. Hence, more to follow on this project!

Meeting specific customer requirements

Prestigious restoration projects often feature recreated building materials. As a matter of fact, in such projects our clients have very specific requirements. Think along the lines of colour and dimensions. For example, the restoration of the former chapel of the Hageveld Minor Seminary in The Netherlands. The directive was to preserve the authentic architectural structure. That structure was designed in the 1800s by Architect Jan Stuyt (1868 – 1934).

The client choose original Impruneta terracotta tiles for the chapel floors and steps. We made sure that the colours matched the original historic structure. Also, floor tile dimensions were very specific. Hence, our producers manufactured specific custom molds for this project.

Exploratory visits

Conducting an exploratory visit is another aspect of meeting our customers’ requirements. Overall, the purpose of such a visit is to identify and assess terracotta floors and building materials. Think originality, quality, production method and standardization requirements.

A beautiful example is the renovation of a listed building in Mayfair, London. Firstly, our producer manufactured the tiles by hand. Additionally, we performed techniques to match the handmade tile with the historical features of the building.

Production monitoring

Our focus is on maintaining the traditional ways of producing terracotta. Our producers have modified their ancient techniques over the centuries. Consequently, they achieved a highly qualitative product. Handmade terracotta is a beautiful, natural and sustainable material. It strikingly shows its flair in contemporary as well as in historic ambiances. As a result, our product is applicable in a variety of architectural designs.

There are numerous designs in terracotta flooring for indoor application. However, a wide variety of handmade, frostresistant outside floorings are also available. For instance, the Amsterdam Penthouse Westlandgracht project features a contemporary exterior floor with a non-slip finish for its terraces.

In the same fashion, we find it useful to focus on the right production techniques. Hence, continuous production monitoring is carried out. For each and every project. As a result, efficient communications between client, contractor and supplier are conducted. This way, complex project become a lot easier to deal with.

We make sure to meet your demands

In short, in order to meet our customers’ requirements, we truly make sure we meet their demands. Sleeps a lot better at night, we’d say…

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Leipzig castle, Germany

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