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Terrecotte Europe The production of our hand made terracotta product

About Terrecotte Europe's unique handmade frostresistant terracotta products

Terrecotte Europe’s handmade Italian terracotta is truly authentic. It is made of durable, natural material. All our terracotta is frost resistant. Its original and natural appearance provides your project with a radiant and timeless look.

The production of handmade terracotta is labour intensive. Our producers use sand from their own quarries. They mix it with water into clay. Subsequently, they form the clay using wooden or stone moulds. Thereafter, the products are decorated by hand. Finally, they are cooked in a wood fired oven.

Terrecotte Europe's unique handmade terracotta products: strikingly beautiful

The shade variations in terracotta are striking. They appear as a result of the stacking the products in the oven. The fire touches the product in the lower parts of the oven. These parts are hotter than the upper parts. Also, the lower parts contain less oxygen. Hence, a lasting and beautifying effect is achieved. Indeed, each cooked product has its own, unique appearance!

Terrecotte Europe also produce according to your specifications. We can apply five different finishes. The finishes range from a very rough surface to particularly smooth, 

Not only is our handmade Italian terracotta tiling suitable for new constructions, but for renovation and restoration as well.

Terrecotte Europe - Project Chapel, Heemstede

A wide range of unique terracotta

Terrecotte Europe’s producers show great attention to detail. Moreover, they follow enhanced traditional techniques. As a result, every tile is of high quality.

All our handmade Italian terracotta products are frost resistant. They are applicable for in- as well as outdoor purposes.

As an illustration, The Hageveld Minor Seminary is a beautiful example of renovation with handmade Italian terracotta. It shows Terrecotte Europe’s sustainable products applied in a historic setting. The photo captures the work in progress.